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Ethically Made, Sustainably Sourced

At R Belliard we love the phrase quality over quantity. As Matahma Gandhi said "there is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." 

We are on a mission to produce quality clothing for you. We work with partners that will only add value to this goal. 

What is sustainable fashion? To us, it is realizing that just like in any other industry there are people on each step of the supply chain. Saving money is important, especially in these times, but doing so should not put the health or hygiene of another person at risk. Ethical fashion means the people behind the making of your clothing recieve fair wages and decent working conditions. Making clothing is a unique art and takes a great level of craftsmanship and dedication. With the popularity of fast fashion, this fact has seemed to have gotten lost along the way.

The great news is when supporting R Belliard and other similar brands you are supporting ethical practice. We can make our shopping decisions on our purchases count to something beyond ourselves. As consumers, every purchase we make is supporting a company and also their values.

Here at R Belliard we make it simple for you to know for certain that when purchasing from us you are supporting sustainable and ethical fashion. We are doing  our best to step away from fast fashion. We are fully focused on providing quality clothing as well as a good quality of life for everyone behind the making of it. 

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