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How To Wear A Silk Headband

How to wear a silk knotted headband. Such a simple accessory can make a world of difference. All of us would love to be that person that you think of and say to yourself, “wow, she/he always looks so put together!”

But, then you think about your long list of to dos, your laundry pile that is sky high, and that workout you’ve been putting off and realize this is pretty difficult to achieve. Enter in a silk knot headband. There are so many ways to wear a silk headband and look put together in under 10 minutes of hair styling time. We’ve put together some examples for you to inspire you on your next Monday morning after hitting snooze 5 times in a row.

The Silk Knot Headband

We love this look. You will need a silk knot headband, some smoothing cream, and a hair tie. To achieve it just follow these simple steps:

  1. Begin by brushing you hair all the way back
  2. Apply some smoothing cream to the ends of your hair, or oil for a nice healthy treatment while you wear your hair up for the day.
  3. Brush any flyways down with a comb or small brush. To be sure your hair is slick when you put on your silk headband.
  4. Place your silk headband gently over your head and place just where your hairline starts
  5. Finish off with a bright lip for even more of a statement.

Look #2 is another favorite. You will need some dry shampoo, texturizing spray, and a silk knot headband. This look is perfect to extend that blowout that you got over the weekend and have been to lazy to wash your hair (or having to much fun). Follow the steps below:

  1. Apply some dry shampoo to your scalp (if you are a bit oily) 
  2. Rub it in a bit and let it sit for a few minutes while you rock out to your favorite song
  3. Brush your hair back and over to one side (without creating too harsh of a hair part)
  4. Apply some texturizing spray to your ends to give it some control and piece it out a bit
  5. Grab you silk knot headband and carefully place it over your head, position the headband right on your hairline
  6. You Are Done!

Silk Knot Headband, Classic style headband, Padded headband: Which is the Right Choice?

There are so many options for headbands that its hard to choose just one. The thing is, the type of headband can really change your look. We love silk headbands for the added benefits to your hair. Less frizz, gentle, wont steal your hairs oils. The list goes on on on, but it really is up to you. Sometimes a nice cotton headband does the trick. Or padded, or velvet...there is a headband for every mood, event, and holiday. 

So the next time you are busy and have to rush out the door? What do you do to get ready quickly? Grab a silk hairbandStyling hair can be easy and quick if you take the right steps.

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